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Our Profile

ADVOKÁTI – ATTORNEYS AT LAW is a law office providing comprehensive legal advice and services in the field of commercial law, civil law, labor law and administrative law. Our dynamic team of qualified and experienced lawyers is ready to solve entrusted legal problems of our clients timely and duly, meeting all required standards. We consider the success of our clients to be our own success.

Our law firm, ADVOKÁTI – ATTORNEYS AT LAW, provides legal counsel to persons setting up businesses in the Slovak Republic, on acquisitions of companies, enterprises or on drawing up new business projects, including a comprehensive legal audit, consultancy on real estate purchases and the evaluation of all aspects of business development, including compliance with competition rules.

The dynamic team of qualified lawyers of ADVOKÁTI - ATTORNEYS AT LAW is prepared to deal with entrusted legal issues to the maximum degree of quality and in a designated period of time. We consider the success of our clients as our success.

Law firm ADVOKÁTI – ATTORNEYS AT LAW has concluded contract on liability insurance, which is referred to the execution of lawyer’s activities with policy of insurance in amount EUR 1.500.000.

Law firm ADVOKÁTI – ATTORNEYS AT LAW provides legal services in the Slovak, Czech, German and English language.

Where to find us

Legal counsel
registered seat:
Vajanského nábrežie 5,
811 02 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


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